Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dane Cook!, School :|

Dane Cook is amazing, and if you're asking why.. just read this post.

Sometimes I picture myself beating you up
I see myself slamming your head off the ground
And you beg and you plead and you cry constantly
I'll make you say that I'm the best and make you say you wish you were me
And then, in your mind, I see me fucking your girl
Your cool car is now mine and so is your popular world
All your friends, they love me, and love that I HATE YOU
I'm like superhero, God that ass motherfucker red, white and blue
You don't know me, but I know youIt's a reel of hate thing; I love to hate you
I get so frustrated...but tell me, just what can I do?
But alas, this song past, my daydream fades to black
Boring me, hopelessly, wishing that you’d be attacked
And raped by demented monkeys with huge cocks
And painted green like a jellybean
Made a trampoline and a toxic swamp
You’re so smug, and so fake with your laugh
and your clickI want to be you so bad it makes me so fucking sick
But you suck, and you stink, and you’re soulless and mean
I wanna be in your fake, smug world
We can hang out down at the Coffee Bean
Kay..Soo thats part of Dane Cooks wonderful song "I'll never be you". It can be heard at the end of Vicious Circle, I plan on watching that tonight! & if you don't like this song, you're an idiot. Wait I'm sorry, this makes more sense. If you don't like this song, it's because you're the one he's singing about! In other news, I'm getting sick! I think its a cold..or a fever.. or even both. The only thing I dont like about being sick is that my body blows it out of proportion and I get even more sick.. then Im sick for like a month or so..for something that should have lasted for like a the most. So hopefully it doesnt do that this time *crosses fingers*. Anyways..I'm bored and theres nothing to do, as always. I could do my school work..but its down in my room and Im lazy. So Ill just stay upstairs =D. I had a good cry last night, and then after that I went for a walk like a 2 hour walk by I could think clearly and figure things out. I did figure things out and the thing is, I havent felt this way about someone ever, not even my past boyfriends. So I guess this is going to be different, I dont mind different though :). Ah, I love music.
"I'll never let your head hit the bed Without my hand behind it "
That has got to be the HOTTEST thing I've ever heard in a song, Although this song IS quite sexual.
hahahahahahhhahahahahahahahaha oh my, My report card came in the mail! dont tell my mom, haha I realized, Im SUPPOSED to be gradding this year.. yet I have no gr 12 courses started..or finished. Guess what, Im not gradding this year. I should really hand in all my work I've completed. I'd have at least 3 gr 12 courses done. I dont know why, but school just isnt appealing anymore, I guess I should get on it to get it over and done with so I can grad next year. Oh well, I feel like passing out, so Im going to lay down now :). I was up at 7:00 this morning btw and didnt go back to bed. I'll write more later on how my schools coming along.
*** Ps ***
"Don't wait for the perfect moment,
take the moment ; and make it perfect.
Don't count on how many breaths you take
but moments that take your breath away."

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