Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Good Morniiing :D

Good Morning!

Okay I think this is the earliest I've been up lately, it's 10:00am! I'm not tired and I'm happy! It's wicked cool! Okay I lied..I'm a little bit tired ha ha. Kaileighs coming over after school for a bit! I'm excited, she hasn't been over in a long time. I just realized I love FM Static. They're pretty nifty, So far it seems like they fit in to ever music genre except country and heavy metal. I'm going for yet another shower soon! I mean I only had three yesterday. Blegh, I wish my hair wasn't so gay. It pisses me off. It NEVER does what I want it to! GAH. Whatever I'm going to shower so it doesn't really matter I guess. So the snow is still outside in which that means I wasn't dreaming! I'm excited for that, and I hope it snows more tonight! I also wonder if Ryan's coming over tonight. That might make me a little weird. Okay, So that's 2 weeks and two days..I'm pretty sure I've seen him..like everyday. I am seriously surprised that he isn't sick of me! Anyways, I'm gonna go have that shower I keep talking about :). Ill write more today :D

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