Monday, December 3, 2007

Early Bird Gets The Worm.. (ew)

Good really early morning, It's 3:00am and I am too excited to sleep. I have an exciting day lined up for today! Well, If I get any sleep at all, Stephanie Kaileigh and I are going to breakfast at the Lakeside..this takes place at 7:00am! After that, Stephanie and I are dropping Kaileigh off at school! Then we are going to Wal-Mart I'm hoping for a solid 2-3 hours! We'll see! Then after that we will reside to my home and have some tea and lunch! Stephanie will head home to go to the gym facilities and I will go for a jog, because now the snow is gone it'll be easier to jog! I will get home, shower, and then do my school work.. Meanwhile Kaileigh will be either A: Still at school, or B: Finished school for the day and heading home. After all this it'll be near 3:00-4:00. In which case that means Ill be hanging out with Ryan!!! I'm pretty sure we are going to a movie..after that..I'm not too sure whats going on. See, I have my self a busy day! I'm sure it'll only last till about 9:30pm which blows because That means only like 4-4.5 hours with Ryan!
Yes, I will write when I have a break later today to see how its going!
PS Ryan... I like it when you call me babe. *blushes*

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