Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I painted a big smile on my face, to hide a broken heart..

Good Morning..
I think I need like 24 hours of sleep.. I'm so tired.. and I don't know why. I'm NEVER this tired. Not even when I didn't sleep for like two days! It's really weird. I don't want to work on the floor today.. Maybe they'll put me on cash! I'm hoping so anyways. Yesterday when I was a flex cashier it was amazing although I didn't get to do it until like 6:45ish.. that was gay I didn't have to go up there all day and I was scanning shit all day that didn't need to be scanned. I got in trouble for writing NEW out of stock tags.. when that's what the dumb bitch TOLD me to do. I wanted to fucking shoot her, or have her internally combust! She looks like a fucking dyke.. and she doesn't do anything, she sits upstairs in the lunch room all day..or yells at me. No fucking joke. I also hate it when people tell me how to do something, I've been there longer than them and I know how to do pretty much EVERYTHING in the store.. So I wanna tell them to shut the fuck up. So it's now obvious I got up on the wrong side of the bed. It's one of those days I can freaking tell. AND I didn't write the BEST part!! I might have an eye infection... HOW the fuck does that happen.. If I have to take time off of work #1 they are going to fire me.. and I'm going to be SO fucking pissed off. How the FUCK do you get a god damn EYE INFECTION! It isn't from my make up, because even with out my make up my eye hurts and is all red. Fuck this shit man. I'll go to the walk in clinic with Kaileigh haha after my first appointment and before we go to Wal-Mart! I'm just pissed and needed to rant, I also want to talk to Ryan but I'm pretty sure hes not going to call this morning... SOOO I'm calling him this very moment! haha hes going to hate me! :D. I'm pretty sure he hates it when I call and talk about absolutely nothing at all.. haha I love him though.. So much, if you could not tell by the previous posts. Although I'm getting too clingy so I better stop writing about him. Might help the relationship. If I'm too clingy things wont go the way I want them to.. Then I would have to cry. I gotta go get ready for work now. I'll post more after the movie tonight.

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