Saturday, January 19, 2008


Holy crap! 
So.. Today was good, until like 4:00 and here's why.. 

K a i l e i g h ; ; says: (4:19:25 PM)
Don't talk to me ever again. 

why the fuck she would say that I'm not sure, I knew she was mad at me before. I haven't said anything about or to her.. well last night I said hi. I thought that went well, Guess not? I guess there's some people that just don't change. Shes a good person and all.. She just needs to be treated like she treats people. Then maybe she'll realize how she hurts people. Whatever, I'm done with this... I also need to get my Avril Lavigne ticket from her. 
Just thought I would clear shit up.. I'm not mad anymore.. I'm just not going to care. It's okay, I don't need people like that in my life. So whatever. 


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