Sunday, January 27, 2008

w3rd :)

So last night my mom was being nice and said I could spend the night at Ryans!! Yeah, I was excited. Anyways, I asked what time she wanted me home.. she looked at me and said "eight" so I was like.. um kay. So I woke up this morning, and was like why does she want me home so early. I got home and apologized for being like, 20 minutes late, and she was all like.. "Oh, I was kidding about being home at eight." I was a bit ticked off, I could have had a better sleep! On another note I get a new bed.. It's a double though. I have a queen now, and I was nice and told my older brother I'd trade him because he wanted a queen to fit his bed frame. So I gave up my nice comfy bed. Closer to Ryan when he comes over I guess haha. So I'm sitting here, it's 10:20 am and I'm bored. Like really bored, I could be like.. sleeping right now or something. I guess I should go help clean up now! 

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