Thursday, January 24, 2008

When your not here, my hug has a hole in it.

I'm bored.
Deal with it. I should go to bed soon. 
P.S. Die soon. 

- I always seem to go back to being lonely
- I get sick when I really miss someone 
- I hate it when people think I'm dumb
- I hate it when people call me an idiot.. or when they called me dumb
- I don't like being alone 
- I have 9 pillows on my bed
- I sleep with 3 teddy bears. - well a monster a puppy and a teddy
- I like Vancouver Canucks
- I have a messed up sleep schedule 
- I can't go to bed early unless I'm taking a nap.
- I love cuddling 
- I like random typing 
- I'm secretly excited to watch Star Wars with Ryan and Coleman
- I would like to spend more time with Ryan
- I need a job 
- I need a hobby -- Worrying isn't working out for me 
- I have phobias
- I have 2,589 hits on my profile
- I'm addicted to straightening my hair.
- I love smelling good 
- I miss the old days -- scratch that, I just miss the people
- I'm very self conscious and I hate it.
- I'm excited for the rest of my life to begin.
- I only have two spelling mistakes, and they aren't actually mistakes
- I'm very pleased to announce I am going to bed now. bye

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