Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Holy shit man.

I'm eating oatmeal with little dinosaurs in it! It's tasty! I miss being up this early sometimes, other times I wish my mama wasn't a complete bitch. Oh speaking of my mom and being a bitch, she told me that if I wasn't going to help out more, then I have to move out. Um...OUCH?! I'm the only one who DOES help out, Im the one who wakes up my fucking pain in the ass siblings, Im the one who lets the fucking dogs out, I do a lot of shit around the house and she doesn't appreciate it. So I'm not in school.. There's a lot of reasons for that. So, I'm sorry mom if I'm not the perfect kid you want me to be, When I do move out, you're going to miss me. You'll see how much I actually do. Then you'll feel bad for saying all that shit to me. Whatever, I'm done with all of it, All the drama, All the Bullshit. I'm going to attempt to be Optimistic. I'll be fine, Don't worry.

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