Saturday, March 1, 2008


I finally caved. I went and got Wendy's for dinner tonight. ONLY because I saw the damn commercial like 50 times today, and the first 3 were all in a row. I'm going to add that I feel incredibly sick right now. Hence the reason I don't eat fast food. I'm not really sure what I want to post. I do know that I want to go for an adventure soon! I've been feeling very very adventurous lately. I want to go sit up Munson Mountain soon as well, I don't care how cold it is up there, I just wanna sit up there and look at the view. It's relaxing and the trip up there would be fun too! I just have to make sure that I have my camera and batteries so I can start taking pictures again! I love taking pictures, of anything ha ha I'm better at landscape than I am at portraits. I eventually wanna know everything, So I may have to ask my brother for some tips! If I can find my pictures from awhile ago, I'll post them on my next entry. I just love being places where the view is captivating. I just love going places. Doesn't matter if I was surrounded by people, or if I were alone. Well.. that's not true. I'd prefer to be alone than to be surrounded by people. I like to think, and I usually go places away from people and go write in my journal. Oh note to self, get a new journal!

Anyways, My photography skills weren't amazing but they were pretty good for a 15 year old with a digital camera. I'm actually pretty excited to see if I still have some pictures saved. & I'm even more excited to go on an adventure. I think I'm going to plan that for next weekend. Whether it be Ryan or Blake. I want to go up to Munson Mountain! So, I'm pretty bored now, It's 10:25 and I'm waiting for Ryan to call me. I love it when he calls me! Speaking of the devil! I finished writing that I was waiting and he called me! It's exciting. ACTUALLY it wasn't really exciting, more of a piss off than anything. Oh well, Hopefully he comes here after hes done hanging out with his friends. Whatever though, I'm happy. Happy for him, happy for them. Not so happy for myself but that's okay. I'm going to like, find something to take my mind off of everything, Hopefully Blake comes online soon.

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