Sunday, March 2, 2008


hello hello.
My mom is re-doing our kitchen. The walls are going to be yellow, but like a baby yellow color. The cupboards will be a white and the floor is going to have black tiles on it. I'm kinda excited for it. I love re-doing things, I love to paint also! Hmm, I'm in a good mood. I think it's because of Ryan, Not sure though, Waking up beside him just makes my day go by so much nicer. I love it! I need to make my posts more interesting because Ryans going to start reading them again, Which is really exciting for me. Speaking of Ryan, I need pictures of him.. good pictures of him. & I want a cute picture with him, so I can have it in my room! I don't like missing people, It makes me feel lonely. I'm sure it makes everyone feel lonely- so that was a retarded thing to say. I don't have much to post about right now, So I'll post later possibly.

Oh yeah......

Happy 5th Birthday Krystafer - Auntie Skylar Loves You!!

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