Monday, April 28, 2008


Okay, I had this grade 9 teacher and let me tell you.. she was amazing. Mrs. Mundy.. English ROCKED because of her. Anyways, I finally got the song that we learnt in school!
here it is!

The Life and Times of William Shakespeare (to the tune of “Jeremiah was…)

Shakespeare was a playwright
The “bard” four centuries ago
He wrote a lot of sonnets and he acted too
“Not of an age, but for all time”!

London was very filthy
The streets were cobbly and small
Shops were everywhere, so were exotic goods
Theaters were replacing old inns

Not everyone had morals,
Belief in mercy, pride, and sin,
“Providence” meant -- you trusted in God,
But superstition was really “in”!

Hurray for Renaissance!
Elizabeth the first
For the growth and trade and travel and the increase in wealth
For the Greek and the Roman rebirth!

Audience was lotsa’ tradesmen
Apprentices, and calloused sailors
Nobility sat in balconies
While the commoners stood on the ground

Improvised stages in Inn yards -
The Rose, Fortune, Curtain and Globe
Acrobatic actors had to be really skilled
And the boys took the ladies’ roles

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