Thursday, April 17, 2008

I don't knowww.

So in my blog, I put a sweet pick up line.

the formula for calculating the horizon
looking into your eyes is like looking into d=(2rh+h^2)^1/2"

ha ha and this was one of the replies.

you know dude,
if i was given the numbers i would totally try and figure that out...haha.
wanna know a secret?
i already tried to do it but i couldn't find the numbers online.
in conclusion...looking into your eyes is like looking into something that's really really really really far away and it takes a formula that is much too complex for the simple minds to figure it out.

It's actually quite humorous. Anyways, tonight I'm hanging out with Coleman Alex and Ryan.. I'm kinda stoked! So, on that note, I'm leaving. I will post later.

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