Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So Today...

I went to work with my dad again, and we had to drive to Princeton. It was fun because it was with my daddy. Anyways, I saw LAMBS! They were SO CUTE! I also saw a BABY DONKEY! I've decided that I definitely want a baby donkey. When it grows up, I'll just give it away. No, I wont I still would want a donkey regardless. I've also decided that it's time to save my money. I'm taking out $100.00 for my mama tomorrow and MAYBE spending $50.00 tomorrow that's IT! I'm taking a stand. If I have to.. I'll cut my bank card up.. and put a freeze on my account. AFTER Ryan and I go to dinner that is. ANYWAY! I'm really tired and kind of want to go to bed.. I'll probably end up talking on msn for awhile. If anyone needs me I suppose you know the cell number. I'll post more later!

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