Sunday, April 6, 2008

Whats with my rambling?

For once, I can say that I'm not bored! Anyways, I just took like a handful of those marshmallows in Lucky Charms and shoved them in my mouth because I was told not to! & I kind of want a Cheese Whiz sandwich. Even though I feel a bit sick to my stomach, I still want food. Today was supposed to be my first ball game, but I quit the team.. NO not because I'm lazy.. but because it's supposed to be fun, and getting yelled at ISN'T fun. (by the way, I'm not THAT lazy *rolls eyes* ).. So yeah Slo pitch season is a big deal around our house, My moms the secretary for the whole league, so when the phone rings, it's usually a ball score. Tonight the scores we got in were the following:

No Bull - 11
Eclipse - 5
Little Electrics - 16 (that was my team)
Otto Wreckers - 12
Brat Pack - 23
Aztec Warriors - 12
Raging Cocks - 1
Mud n stuff - 16

I just love the name, I was one of the meetings where they were going to tell them the name was inappropriate. Then one guy was like.. "Whats the logo? Is it a rooster?" and someone else said "...yes" so it got to stay. They have a weird way of deciding things in this league. I've been around it for 17 years, I think I would know. I really don't know why I rambled on about Slo pitch - I really don't! ANYWAYS, I think I'm going to go now, and find some stuff to do! I guess I'll post more later.

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