Wednesday, April 2, 2008


My mom totally bribed me today! She phoned home and was like "Lets make a deal" I was like " on?!" So she continued "If you get all the laundry done for me, I will buy you a cell phone". So of course I said okay. Then again it's gonna take me awhile because my sister throws ALL her clean clothes in there.. Which pisses me off.. so I have to do twice as much because they are all mixed in with the dirty clothes. Whatever, I get my cell phone back! Actually I get a whole different phone because I'm getting it on Pay as you go! So I'm pretty stoked. Maybe I'll bribe my sister into helping me with the laundry! Well it was a successful bribe. I'm so in for a cell phone. Ooh yeah! Anyways! Now I'm gonna do another load of laundry! I'll post more later!!

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