Sunday, May 18, 2008

..laa dee daaa


I'm at Ryans right now, I'm waiting for Coleman and Alex to get here.. =) Actually I should probably phone to see what time they are coming here. AH 4 o clock. I think I am going to go home! So I can clean up and stuff.. =) then I can come back here when they are in town. Well apparently, I have to stay here.. which is pretty retarded. I wanna go home for a little bit. Being here with out Ryan is kinda weird for me. Even though I spend a lot of time alone, this is weird. I don't really wanna use anything.. (except the computer because I like writing) ha ha. I don't know. I could sleep I suppose. I just kinda want my mom to come pick me up. Maybe I'll just clean up his room some more. My mama isn't picking me up.. so I have to be alone for another 4 hours. Oh well, I can find something to do hopefully, I can't draw.. MAYBE I'll find Night and I can read that. Nope. I couldn't find it. Oh man I am so bored. Maybe I shall nap? I've only got two hours to go. Hm, I'm gonna stop writing in this entry now. It's a boring one. So I'll post more later.

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