Friday, June 27, 2008

Just got home from Ryans grad ceremonies. He looked so good! I'm so proud of him! His mama took a few pictures of us.. I didn't get to see them but I'm hoping they turned out good! So proud of him like I said! I can't wait to see him on Saturday! Too bad he wont have his tux. Anyways, my foot is doing better, didn't hurt AS much today which I'm thankful for. I go in to get my tonsils out on the 4th of July! Yay then Ryan will be coming over and sharing Popsicles with me =). I love him so much, I'm so happy with him. His new job is like 1000 billion times better than his old one. Still wish I could make it to his prom. I know he'll have a good time so I don't feel so bad now. Like I said, I get to see him tomorrow, and I'm stoked for it. Maybe he'll wanna go out for dinner. I'm going to go now!! I'll post later on!

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