Sunday, June 8, 2008

Long Time Gone.

Long time since I've written in here. I wonder if anyone still reads this! Anyways, this weekend was pretty good! I spent the night with Ryan on Friday, then Saturday Alex and I went to Kelowna with her mama. Then we came back to Summerland and hung out.. then drove Coleman to Penticton then went back to Summerland. I sat in her truck for 4 hours! It was great actually! Sunday was good as well.. I guess that's today! ha ha. We wrote Josh a song for his birthday! I'll post that on here too! It was pretty brilliant.. I'm getting better at guitar. & I'm still madly in love with Ryan. I'm pretty stoked on life actually. It turns out his mom actually...really likes me.. apparently too much ha ha. Whatever I'm happy she likes me! I wish every night that Ryan and I will stay together.. and be together for the rest of our lives.. So yeah.. That's basically the details of my weekend.. it was pretty rad! Uh I'll post later with the lyrics to Josh's birthday song!

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