Sunday, July 6, 2008


I hate conceited people, they piss me off, or even people who think they're amazing or look amazing. I recently commented on a picture, and one of the girls I'm not friends with so I commented that the other two looked gorgeous, her reply was "yeah I looked pretty amazing too". I almost DIED of laughter. Not going to lie, she looks better in that picture than she does in any picture or real life. It's the fact that she said that made me laugh so hard. She thinks she's cool and hot. It's quite entertaining, she's definitely not hot. Whatever though, I'm sure she'll get the drift sometime in her life. I like to laugh.

Anyways, In news not regarding beasts, I might be getting my hair cut and colored again, I haven't really decided.. I like the length it's at. I want the color to be a bit lighter though. OH! & I found an amazing song! It's called Summertime and it's by Brianna Taylor. I love the song! Although it doesn't relate to me at all that doesn't matter. Also, I've possibly gotten a job, Not going to write about it till it's a for sure thing! I also get my new puppy in 6 days, I'm excited for that. I can't wait to move out, The hospital cancelled my surgery till August! Lame asses. What else... My sunburn is getting better! & I also love Ryan, as I always have, more.. but that doesn't matter! We were talking about our wedding the other night, it was entertaining! Anyways, I don't have anything else to write, so I'm going to go and play guitar and then phone Ryan. I'll post more when something comes up!

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