Thursday, August 21, 2008

God damn.

As you can tell nothing got interesting, I think it got worse at that point. Anyways, I'm sitting at my house, doing nothing extremely bored.. and kind of mad. You see, I don't mind that he sees his friends, actually it makes me really happy when he hangs out with them, but being side shafted is kinda gay. I really don't like it when plans are made then broken because someone got shit mixed up, it really annoys me. Like the camping trip I planned for this weekend, Couldn't do it because someone forgot to book the time off, that's not the only factor, but it's the only main one. Or when someone says that they're probably sleeping at someones house, then we can hang out the next night/day then I get all excited for it, and it turns out that person doesn't go and has already made plans for the day that you were going to hang out on. These plans were made earlier.. not just a day ago, it would have been nice to have someone say "oh well Fridays not a go, I have a movie night" that would have been nice. It just kinda makes me mad that's all. Nothing against his friends because they're semi my friends as well and he doesn't hang out with them as much anymore because of me, so I'm kinda happy he's hanging out with them and they don't hate me for taking him away. It's kinda gay that's all.

On another note, I also hate when I write on someones wall on Facebook, and they don't write anything back. I always write shit back, even if it's people I don't necessarily like. Whatever, It's just Facebook. I also hate looking for new shit, such as a god damn job. I absolutely hate that.. As you can tell, I'm in a bit of a bad mood. & HEY! No ones even caught on *rolls eyes* Whatever, What do I care? I don't..

I'm going to draw and maybe punch something....or cry some stupid shit like that. I'll post later.

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