Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Superhero Story

Our story takes place in a small town called Penticton. Penticton is a small town, basically its a place for the nearly dead. Not kidding by the way. Anyway, There are kids, superheros and animals. I know what you're thinking, Superheros? This super hero is a very indiscreet and lives on the tops of various propane tanks around town. She has Blondy hair, and blue eyes, and isn't the tallest person. Now.. I'm going to assume that you're guessing what her super power is.. I know you're curious. She isn't invisible, She doesn't have super strength, she can't stop time, she cant swing from webs, or drive a bat mobile. Her super powers can only be described as amazing, She can fly, and she can combust people from the inside, just by simply staring at that thing or person. She first noticed her powers when working at a local Petcetera. This superheros name is Supernal, that's a synonym for sky just for those of you who don't know. So Supernal wasn't very quiet and people could probably hear her coming from 10 miles away. Now, Supernal had friends, Shell and Rain. Shell and Supernal met while working at the dreadful Petcetera store, and always had fun while making fun of Nathania and trying to catch the evil Dr.Finch. Seeing as the evil Dr was a bird, they had a hard time. One day during work they discovered they had gotten a new store MANager. The description of this person may be harmful to some peoples sleep pattern, parental discretion is advised. This MANager was tall, around 5'9, it had black hair, and a fuzzy black moustache. It wore it's pants high above the waste line, and it's shirts were always too small for it. I can tell you think this MANager is a male, You are highly mistaken, this MANager, was a female.. or so Shell and Supernal thought. Her name was RHONda. Supernal was wondering why RHONda was balding and had a moustache.. and at that very moment, she knew that this man..er woman, would he her arch enemy. One day as Rain, Shell and Supernal were walking to Rains house and they saw a small man with nipple straps, we knew at that very moment that he was RHONdas partner in crime. Supernal knew she had to get rid of him, so as he was jogging to the bathroom, she made a van back up and hit him. With that blow to stun him he flew into the propane tank and Supernal combusted him. That was one down, She knew she had to get rid oh RHONda, but didn't know how. Shell and Supernal took a nice walk to the SPCA while Rain was working, and ran into Optimus Prime, They asked him for a favor and he said he would be glad to help. Unfortunately, after crushing Petcetera to chunks of ash, the only thing that did survive was RHONda and she escaped. Shell and Supernal thanked Optimus Prime for his services and continued on their journey to find RHONda. Supernal recalled seeing RHONdas post it notes in the Petcetera office before it was crushed. She told Shell that RHONda did house sitting. They went to every house and FINALLY came across RHONda. RHONda laughed at Shell and Supernal, and they decided to do something they've never done before. They put a protective shield around Shell and used her as bait. As soon as Shell got close, RHONda shot fuzzy caterpillar moustaches at her that ate away the protective gear, This made Supernal really mad. Of course no one knows what happens when Supernal gets really mad because she hasn't gotten that mad in this story line until now. Supernal just couldn't hold back the anger and just glared at RHONda all of a sudden she started shaking uncontrollably and out of nowhere RHONda exploded into tiny pieces.. or so Shell and Supernal thought. She was actually made up of several million fuzzy caterpillars. Supernal and Shell called Optimus Prime back because he had the birds from Petcetera, and they needed them to eat all the caterpillars. That was the end of the evil Dr.Finch, he ate so many caterpillars he exploded. Oh, it was also the end of Nipple Straps, and RHONda as well. They went back to Zellers where Rain worked and told him about their day, and then they all decided to go to 7/11 for slushies.

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Anonymous said...

"she can combust people from the inside"

what is with you and things/people combusting from the inside?