Monday, September 22, 2008


It was Ryan's 19Th birthday yesterday. I cooked him dinner and he didn't go out to drink, he watched Speed Racer with Josh Mike and I. I'm glad he didn't drink, I'm proud of him that he's not going out to get shit faced. I hope he's over that fucking retarded phase. It's ridiculous, he drank every day on every weekend for like a month and a half. Then went out to parties and got shit faced. Until he ended up in the hospital and I made him choose. I don't want to lose him because of something as retarded as alcohol. He's my best friend, and my soul mate. I'm going to do everything I can to make sure he stays safe and doesn't do stupid shit. He's 19 now and needs to learn how to grow up. I love him none the less though. I always have fun with him, no matter what! OH, his birthday present is still at my house ha ha. Anyways, I'm going to find food! I'll post more later on.

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Anonymous said...

that's kind of ironic considering you began your sexual fun when you were drunk. i mean if alcohol brought you together then what happens when it goes away?