Saturday, October 11, 2008

Oh god.

If you couldn't tell by the last post, I'm pretty bored. Not to mention lonely. Ryan's hanging out with Josh and Mike. They're having a "winner" movie night. Then Ryan's going to his grandparents house tomorrow for Thanks Giving Dinner.. or whatever. So, I don't get to see him until tomorrow. It's weird because I don't think I've been this.. empty feeling in a long time. He can't even call me to say good night like he does when he's at his house. Speaking of houses, Ryan's moving in soon!!! I'm so excited, We're moving some of his things this Monday in to my house. My mom and I finished insulating the room that we're moving in to.. Now all that has to be done is the drywalling, which my older brother will do. Eventually. I'm pretty excited for life at the moment. I have a guy who loves me and everything about me..(which I find most girls would kill for). Oh well.. I haven't really been keeping in touch with Alex lately, which is bad, I'm just never up when shes online! It makes me sad, I miss her. I miss Coleman too! I have been able to talk to him a bit though it makes me happy. So, It's 10:30pm and I'm bored as hell. Debating on if I want to go to bed or not. It's a good chance that I will seeing as I'm basically by myself and it's really depressing. Oh god. I'm bored :( I need to go...and get ready for bed I suppose.
Man I lead a pathetic life. -_-'

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