Tuesday, September 8, 2009

..You know....

- - S k y l a r . says:
..You know what, Just once I wanna be someones "Dream girl" *shakes head. *

Chris - I am unbreakable, biznitches says:
i dunno, I'd say you're pretty much mine =p ^_^

It made me smile. More than I've smiled in a really long time!
Whoever said Romance is dead was right on the button, I've never had anything romantic done for me. Sometimes I wish that romance in my relationship wasn't dead. Kinda makes me feel like... a really really really good friend.
I haven't written in here lately as people can tell, I've just had lack of things to write about, It's kinda lame but I can deal with being lame most times. I'm on webcam with Christ. It's fun. I would consider him one of my best friends.. I can tell him anything.. unlike some people I know. He's everything a girl could want and yet... girls are flipping bitches to him. I'll tell you if Ryan and I ever didn't last *knocks on wood* I would date this kid. He's amazing in every way. ^_^


Christian the Civic Searcher said...


Anonymous said...

"I would date this kid. He's amazing in every way."

- Don't wait until you and Ryan don't last, it sounds like you really like Chris and he makes you smile, it'd be a shame to not be with someone you truly like because your already in a relationship with someone else. Than again, I don't know who you are or your relationship with Ryan, it just seems from this post you would be happier with Chris. :-)

Skylar said...

Christ is amazing. & I do really like him, But I'm in love with Ryan. Nothing can change the feelings I have for Ryan. I'm 100% sure of that! Christ is one of my best friends and I would hate to ruin that! He just deserves someone whos going to treat him as well as he would treat them.
Thanks for reading my post!
p.s. Ryan and I are getting married one day!