Sunday, August 22, 2010

I miss this

- I think that you are super cool. I also believe that you are the best thing that could have ever happened to Ryan, and the rest of his friends. Thank you for being there for him, and thank you for being with us.-

-oops, i think i messed up my last was sumthing about granola and a cup...eheh...
BUT, i do think you and ryan are really great together, you fit together perfectly, a wonderful match. seriously, i dunno where ryan would be without you O_O i also think that you are an amazing person, and im really glad that we became friends! cuz're like my best friend...and i really like it ^_^ we always have fun together, and we can laugh about everything! you're a great person, just so you know, and i thot that you should have something nice written in your honesty box, instead of nasty messages from
SO, i am decorating your honesty box with nice things about you (which are also true things ^_^)!! you're funny, cool, amazing, creative, and i can talk to you about anything!! I know that you make ryan very happy, as i know that he makes you happy in return ^_^

lol, u can probly tell who i am....but that is OK!!-

My honesty box messages from awhile ago.. I miss these two people.. I really do. It sucks that they never read my blog or they would know!.

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