Saturday, September 4, 2010

School so far!

Alright, So as some of you know, I've started school! It's been pretty fun so far. I've got quite a bit of stuff that I get to keep after the course is completed! I've been doing a lot of reading and writing.. it's pretty intense. I haven't really made friends yet, it's weird.. but that's okay I suppose. So, that's school so far.. Nothing too interesting, just... reading and writing ha ha.

Supplies I get to keep!! :
5" scissors

Mannequin scissors

Mannequin thinning shears

straight razor with blades

peanut trimmer with guards

wahl designer clipper with guards

2 tail combs

2 wave combs

1 lift comb

1 pic

1 pintail comb

1 clipper comb

isinis brush

large medium and small circular brushes

vent brush

neck brush

ceramic dryer

16mm marcel handle

32mm spring handle

1/2" flat iron

3 2B female mannequin heads (medium hair)

1 Male mannequin

1 2B female mannequin (long hair)

cutting cape

all purpose cape

student vest

1 1/2 lb box of bobby pins

3 hook set/highlighting cap

tint bowl kit with brushes

spray bottle



1 package of perm pics

6 dozen of each color rods(about 6 colors)

3 dozen yellow rods

1 dozen short rods each size

15 dozen assorted rollers

1 box of roller and pin curl clips

1 package of jaw & sectioning clips

And of course my books.

* Yellow highlighted is stuff that is in the work books.. And that's only two pages of chapter 5
and my writing, that's just from chapter 4 review questions!! so like i said, lots of reading and writing!*

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