Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I don't have a title...

So, does anyone even read this?

Lets see...
School, is shit.. complete and utter shit.. I have to have 2 modules done by February 1st. Why you ask?! My midterm is on the 1st of February. I'm pretty sure I'm going to bomb the test.. SO bad. Today I did 2 perm wraps.. I got 8.5 on the first one and 8 on the other. Everythings out of 10, so I guess that isn't too bad. I need to have a perm done in 45 minutes, right now they take me a good 2 hours to wrap.. I'm not sure why, they just do. I also attempted finger waves. For those who don't know what they are, I'll post a picture with this post! I gave up on those mother fuckers because they're hard. I did a virgin application for color and a re touch for color.. I'm pretty good at those, I got 9.5 for both of those, because I missed a spot on each. I also did cap streaks every hole medium. I hate those they take so long because they all have to be the same amount of hair! I'm kinda worried for the midterm.. I've gotta have my speed up on a lot of things and I can't for the life of me speed up! OH!! Not to mention that I've gotta do a written exam as well, and I haven't studied AT ALL for it!! FUCK MY LIFE!! Anyone have any studying tips?!   I've never studied for anything... ever! Not even my license!  I have so much shit to do.. and so little time. 
On another note;
Let her cry by Hootie and The Blowfish is an amazing song! <3
I'm not sure what else to write in my post today.. Uh... 4 days till Kristal moves home... I'm not sure how we're going to fit 2 queen sized beds in my room, but we'll make it work! I'm sure it can't be that hard.
OH, and to my mystery man.. I KNOW you know who you are.. Not sure if you read this or not.. but.. If you do.. I'm not sure how you can get away with treating me like shit.. but you do. You say that someones been treating me like shit for so long, and then you go ahead and act the same way?! WHAT THE FUCK is up with that dude?! HM tell me that one! Dick! C=<  I'm slightly joking.. but you still kinda sorta tore my heart at it's seams.. Jerk.
...THAT is the end of my post.. for  today.. er.. right now.

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Anonymous said...

Don't give up! I know you can do amazing in school if you just apply yourself!!
Your mystery guy shouldn't be a dick to you! You guys belong with each other it seems! Good luck on your midterm!