Friday, January 21, 2011

New hair cut..

This is what I did to my little sister today! It was fun. She came to the school so I could do it there.. Yee, I know, I'm a pretty bitchen hairstylist! bahaha she loves it, everyone else thought it looked hot, or amazing. So I'm pretty proud of myself!


Anonymous said...

can u post a pic of u? i wanna c the girl behind the writing. thnx !

Anonymous said...


Skylar said...

I posted your comment anon. & only to say that no one has a right to say "Ew." to anyones hair. I am guilty of it myself, but to each their own. It actually looks pretty dec on her so whatever.Heck for all anyone knows your hair isn't that great either. She likes it, a lot of other people like it.. so stfu :)