Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Right Right

Oh, I said I'd post a picture of my tattoo I'm getting next.
but because I'm pretty dumb, I only took a picture of my anchor and a bit of the chain. SO here it is!

So yeah, it's going to be incorporated in with this tattoo
but on the other side.. and I'm getting a rose on the other side where her hair is. so it'll be like.. a sleeve!! Almost anyways! I've got "Stay" on my wrist and I want to add "Grounded" to it to go with my anchor. For "Stay Grounded" obviously. Then I'll be getting my "true" on the other wrist covered up because my "r" looks like an "f" so.. FUCK YOU SUN CITY TATTOOS YOU SUCK BALL SACKS!
Oh, if you want good tattoos and you're from around where I am go to Valley Ink Tattoos.. fucking amazing!! Anyways, yeah this is my idea! I'm pretty excited :)

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