Saturday, February 5, 2011

Scorpio Analysis

I got a soul analysis? About being a Scorpio? Apparently Venus, and the Sun describe me best as a Scorpio.

Sun in Scorpio:
your essential purpose in life is to deepen and make more genuine whatever it is that you regard as important. To enable you to accomplish this you have an ability to see into the heart and soul of a person or situation and to heal or transform what you find there.

Scorpios re owned sexuality is more to do with your mind and feelings rather than your body.

Venus in Scorpio:

You love deeply and intensely. perhaps a bit too much so, because you can find yourself consumed by desire- and then mistake this for love. You then wind up either trying to satisfy your emotional hunger with sexual indulgence, which doesn't bring you love, or else you get yourself into a tight relationship where each of your is held hostage by your fearful needs. You might even attempt to step out of the intimacy stakes all together which takes some doing.

your key word is " I desire "
Sounds about right...
You know, I was going to write something interesting in here for once, but then my mind just kinda went blank... and yeah. This is what I got!

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