Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I don't know whats worth fighting for.

You know what really makes me mad?
When you get sick, and don't go to school because you can barely walk ten feet to your toilet to throw up, and everyone gets mad at you for it! I went to the dentist yesterday and they did work on my tooth, and I went to school after that because we were having an Elumen class which I really didn't want to miss because it's hair color education. Anyways, I went back to school at 9:30. Then around 1 I started feeling sick, and in a lot of pain seeing as the freezing was coming out. I thought, it'll go away, I'll be fine and I can finish this class. By 3 I was in tears wanting to go home. I was so sick, and in so much pain it wasn't funny. So I came home and took Tylenol then went to bed. Woke up around 8pm and From 8pm to now, I have been throwing up violently. I can't keep anything down, and I can't even lay down flat. I have to be sitting up in order not to throw up right away.
Anyways, it makes me mad that people get mad at me for this shit. I can't control it! I'm not the only one in the school, there's 13 other people. Deal with it. I am not going to school when I need to throw up every 15 minutes thus causing me not to have clients. So here I am, sitting on my bathroom floor next to the toilet, blogging, and feeling like shit because everyone's mad at me for not going to school today. If it wasn't already 1:15 I'd go in feeling like shit and throwing up, just to prove my point. I hate feeling like I'm useless and feeling like everyone hates me. =(

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