Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I'm officially done school!!
Well, I was officially done on Sunday, after my provincial exam was over! So, I'm now just waiting to see if I passed my exam! I'm sure I did, I have a good feeling about it! =) So, now I just have to find a job!! =)
My birthday is in like a month and 2 days!! I'll be 21! Soo weird to think that, but I shall be legal everywhere!! If anyone I know reads my blog and is wondering what I want for my birthday.. Hair stuff!! Color or decolorizor, developer, anything that has to do with hair actually!
I'm going to work on my mom getting extensions put in permanently! I want long hair soo bad! I really have nothing else to post about!

Oh! This is my new Timon and Tigger!! Colton brought them back from Seattle for me :D

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