Monday, March 19, 2012

Another day another rant.

It really pisses me off when girls pretend to be friends with someone on second, and then then talk shit about them the next. It drives me absolutely bonkers. I'll admit to doing it, just like everyone else, but we're all adults, there's no reason why we should have to pretend to like someone and then talk shit about them the next. If you don't like them, don't talk to them. If you do like them, don't talk shit behind their back. It's really simple. REALLY REALLY simple!  I'd like to see what people say about me, or have said about me that were my friends at the time. I'm going to assume none of it is nice, seeing as girls are bitches and like to bitch about everything. That's the main reason why I hate being friends with girls. They're vindictive bitches.. I love being friends with guys, what you see is what you get! Plus you never hear "Ew, mud?! I'm not getting out of the truck, that's disgusting!!"  I fucking LOVE getting dirty! :D Mud is awesome, 4x4ing is awesome. Hiking in the pouring rain is awesome...GUYS ARE AWESOME in general anyways lol.

On another note, I sometimes wish more people I knew read my blog. Or, more people in general. I'm not sure if most of my posts even get read. Oh well I suppose, I like to write and rant and just get stuff off my chest. This is just the place I get to write it to! I like to write things down so I remember them too! I haven't really been updating my blog much, I've been too busy trying to train Tundra and working. Watching little girls really wears you out. I didn't think that it would take a toll, cause I love watching kids and playing with them. It really does take a toll on you, it's insane how much you learn working with kids!
I've got to admit, I miss relaxing with Colton! I just want to sit with him and watch movies all night and talk! I can't wait for the summer! I can't wait for Colton to be home! Only 2 weeks!! :D well, 9 days till he's home for good and I can sleep next to him at night, and wake up to him in the morning!!

I really don't have much else to write, so I'll leave it at that and clearly, I'll write when I've got something to write about!! :)

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