Monday, November 19, 2007

Hey Hey You You I Dont Like Your Girlfriend

*Note: I pick titles according to the song I'm listening to because I'm cool like that*

I don't know what to blog about today, could be Ryan's an amazing kisser? It could be how I spent 2 hours throwing up this morning..It could be that Denny's is going to be the death of me. OR it could be how this is the third night that I'm hanging out with Ryan. I guess a little bit of each. Okay ill start with Denny's. Last weekend, Roxy Hannah Stephanie Kaileigh Ryan and myself got drunk (well Roxy was sober) anyways, we all went to Denny's BIG mistake, I haven't not puked in 3 days.. wtf is with that, yeah fucked up! besides Denny's it was a good night. Okay, Ryan's a good kisser and he denies it, He shouldn't. In other breaking news, I have so many run on sentences that I'm not going to fix! I guess I blended in the Denny's and throwing up but they obviously go hand in hand! Okay next subject, hanging out with Ryan! third night in a row, Fuck yes! I love it, He's funny & cute and is less shy than me obviously seeing as I didn't make ANY first moves. That's gay on my part but what can i say, I'm friggen shy. Lately I've been wanting to sing Christmas carols, In which case, I'm going to do another post tomorrow!! Guess what it will be!!! AH CHRISTMAS CARROLS!!!!!!!! DAMMMMMMN BOOOIIIII! Oh god, I'm so friggen excited. I also think I should cut down on the word FUCK because its starting to seem like I'm a swear-aholic haha and I'm totally not, that would be why im using frigg and friggen! haha. Anyways, Im gonna go and listen to Christmas tuneage and wait for Ryan! :D
Peace out Niggs

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