Sunday, November 25, 2007

I looked at you like the stars that shined

Its midnight and I'm so bored, I don't know why I chose to post here. Maybe because it gives me the aplomb I know I'm missing? Maybe not. I'm not sure why I like to blog, although..I will mention I do like nerdy guys ;) yes Ryan that means you. I also don't know why I'm apprehensive..around certain people I like. I can tell you, it definitely doesn't make me feel very loquacious. I'm also very disquietude at the moment & it feels like there's something missing, I just cant think of what it might be. Hmmm. It's taken me like an hour to write 6 lines. So I'm going to go now, I'll have a good sleep.

Nicole definitely knows how to take words out of my mouth

n i c o l e says:
i love that feeling of when you first start to really like someone...
n i c o l e says:
where you just want to stay up all night and talk to them
n i c o l e says:
every minute you get
n i c o l e says:
you want to be talking to them
n i c o l e says:
and when you aren't.. you're thinking of them

Now that I actually think about it..I feel that way about Ryan..I love it. I'm so shy when I'm with him but I guess it could be because I'm warming up to him? I love the fact that I can tell him things, and that I can trust him with the things I tell him. He makes everything seem so dreamlike, I love it. I love being with him. I love everything about him, the way he fixes his glasses, how nerdy he is, how everyone around is so completely awkward and I still feel so comfortable, If I had the guts, Id say it to his face, but till then.. I guess this will do. <3
I guess that's the end of my posting for tonight, I'll write later I guess.

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