Friday, November 30, 2007

yadda yadda

Most girls say they want a fairy tale

But not me that's not really what I want

I want someone who will make fun of me

and laugh at my jokes even if they aren't funny

Someone who will wrestle with me

and not let me win just because I'm a girl

Yeah, riding off into the sunset on a white horse would be nice

but having thumb-wars with someone who cares about you

as much as you care about them

..seems so much better

There's nothing scarier than getting something you want because then, you have something to lose. Well that's what I figure anyways. I love getting what I want but then there's that chance that you'll fuck it up and everything goes down the drain! Just something to think about I guess. I'm learning a new song on the guitar, it's hard after the intro. I'm getting it though. I'm actually learning two new songs, the other one is called "Moment of Truth" the first one I'm learning is "Hey Now" they are both by FM Static. They aren't easy I'll tell you! I'm gonna get it I don't care how much my fingers hurt!! So, I got to go grocery shopping it was okay 'cept my little sister came with us.. I'm not a big fan of her at the moment! Anyways I got yogurt! I love yogurt!! I got peach and lemon merengue? Tomorrow is December 1st that means 24 days till Christmas. I decided I think I should get a new puppy, I will include a picture! I want a big-ish dog like a Border Collie, SO CUTE! I love my puppy hes just too small, and doesn't like to run much and he needs friends..from a different breed haha. Oh god I'm dumb! Anyways, I'm going to include the picture then I'm just going to read or something! I'll post tomorrow!


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