Saturday, December 1, 2007

Woah man

Okay, Its December 1st weeird. Its also 2:25 in the morning, & my eye is twitching? I realized I'm not like any of my siblings at their age, or when they were my age. I'll list them, haha.

My Older sister: When she was 17, she had a job, she had graduated, she was in controll of her life and was responsable, Me not so much

My Oldest Brother: When he was 17, he lived on his own, played sports, had friends(lots of them) and had good grades. Me not so much

My Older Brother (Bestfriend) : When he was 17, He was rebelious, In jail. Smoking, just plain old being bad. Good thing Im not like that

My younger sister: When I was 14 I deffinetly wasnt like my sister...She smokes pot and ciggarets, She steals, lies, breaks curfews, sluts around town, does various amounts of other drugs, Skips school, mouths off teachers, and thinks shes black. I WASNT like that at all.

My little brother: When I was 11, I sure the HELL wasnt like him, He takes knifes, hatches to school, swears at his teachers, beats kids up, is athletic, has ADHD, Is a pain in the ass. Man.. that makes me think, Im nothing like my family.

Man Im funny,
on a side note, so is Stephanie

stephaniee. says:
did u and ryan plann out ur shirts in pic 1 lol

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