Monday, November 19, 2007

You Must Insert Title Here

I'm happy today! Very happy! I lost a sock somehow though. I haven't been sick this morning so it's good. I'm going after my mom gets off work to get my sisters Christmas present, then I'm going to go for tea/coffee/mocha with Pam! She wants to hear about Ryan, and in which we are now in a relationship that's mainly why I'm so friggen happy! I couldn't sleep last night so I only got half an hours sleep. Its homosexual. breaking news! I lost my monster last night, and I had to lay with a lot of pillows instead! I was scared. Not as scared as Id be if it were pitch dark and I was all alone. Anyways so far its taken me 3 hours to write this blog, only because my favorite friend procrastination was around haha. I think Ill end it here because i don't have anything on my mind anymore haha. Ill definitely write more :)

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