Monday, November 19, 2007

Sleigh Bells Ring

This is my third post today! Odd isn't it.. haha. Anyways, I just got home from Wal-mart with my mama, it was sweet. I got a new bra and two new shirts, yep, not that I need anymore bras, Ive got like 10 zillion.. its a pretty one though, its color is "Eggnog" & It does up in the front for easy access haha. The two shirts I got are pretty nifty also, haha One Says "follow me to the mistletoe" and the other one says "Be naughty, Save Santa the trip". Odd enough, they are red and green, go figure. I'm still listening to Christmas Carrols. Later I'm going to see Kaileighs prom dress, I'm pretty excited. THEN I'd be at the theater ALL week, people are going to think I'm crazy or something. Not that I care what they think anyways haha. Okay, I changed my theme of songs. I'm listening to Jack Johnson now, Its okay I like him too, and I'm also listening to Colbie Caillat. I'm actually really tired, although I think that its gone far beyond tired-ness and gone to Over-Tired and that means Ill be a complete mess. YIKES! holy, I'm so lame talking to a computer :S And If you've noticed I haven't dropped the "f-bomb" in the last three posts Ive written! Heck yes! I haven't said it more than 3 times today, that's a friggen goal! I'm gonna go, Dinners ready and I'm having Chicken Strips!! :D Woot Woot. Ill wrote tomorrow, unless I find something else more intriguing to talk about.
** little side note, I like Spell Check!**

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