Friday, December 7, 2007

Can't you feel my heart beat fast; I want this to last..

Kay I'm extremely bored right now and I'm not allowed to walk down to the theater. Which means I don't get to see Ryan and I cant even hang out with him Saturday during the day if he wanted to...I'm going to Armstrong and places around there, so guess what! I'm fucking shit out of luck I guess. So I made a group on Facebook its called "for a million dollars would you..?" basically it started last night when Kaileigh Roxy Stephanie and I were having an intense 2 hour long conversation about the things we would/wouldn't do for a million dollars. Come to think of it.. It started with me mentioning 2 girls 1 cup.. and then Stephanie just took it from there it was a good night although I was late getting home, I don't think my mom cared much, which is good! Anyways I just ate pizza it was a mistake to eat it but its worth it, Now I'm thirsty..Well that was a trip and a half to the fridge haha, Ryan phoned! WOoO! Oh yeah! Why is it that the Orange Kool-Aid looks AND tastes like Orange Jello mix? It weird and oddly enough my least favorite Kool-Aid flavor! I'm very distracted at the moment so I'm not sure what to write about
I KNOW! The song I'm listening to is pretty nifty haha it's kinda techno-ish.. well I'm listening to the slow version right now but whatever. Okay, I'm bored of writing so I'm going to get my orange juice. I'll probably write more later based on how bored I am.

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