Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hello There The Angel Of My Nightmare.

So last night I spent the night at Ryans! It was great except for the fact that Kaileigh and Stephanie have bad timing! It was fun though. So I pretty much just finished working out, it was fun I must say..who knew dancing could tone you? MAN it was fun though. Hm I haven't been very hungry lately.. It's kind of concerning me. Hm, maybe Ill FINALLY lose weight! Fuck I rock.. I wanna go for a jog but no one will come with me. Its depressing. I had some Hamburger Helper for dinner! haha and some of my moms baking! Blegh, I enjoyed a nice hot shower as soon as I got home haha and brushed my teeth like 4 times.. now after I go for a jog I get to have another shower! Ah man I love showering! :) I should go though Ill post more after my shower

Skylar Out (**btw that's Ryans Idea**)

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