Sunday, December 16, 2007

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Optometrist tomorrow!!
I'm so excited! I love going to the optometrist. New glasses that are actually prescribed for me so I can read!! Excited excited excited! Woo I'm debating if I want to do a tattoo tomorrow.. I might be really really really bored so maybe I will. Who knows. I also have to fix my other tattoos and wait for a phone call from Phil. I'm so excited that I get to start work again! I have a sore neck..and a cough I don't know what happened last night, well I do.. but nothing that could have given me a sore neck and a cough! Oh man oh man oh man. Blah its almost 10 and then Its half an hour after that then I go to bed.. So I'm going to bed at 10:30! Fa la la la la. I'm flipping bored. So I'm going to leave my blog and go sing or dance, or maybe both!
PS, I'm really creepy..and a lot runs through my mind.

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