Saturday, December 1, 2007


I'm sitting here, bored out of my skull. I came to a realization, I'm not cool, I'm not popular..but I could care less, I have the best friends anyone could ever ask for. 'Nuff said I wouldn't give up my friends for anything in the world! I colored my hair today! It's a reddish, or its supposed to be. You can see it in my roots, but other than that it looks the same. So much for friggen $10.16 I could have used that for alcohol haha. Oh well, My hairs soo soft and it smells good! I'm listening to Blue October.. Calling You haha Nicole got me hooked on it! It's a good song though.

Theres something that i cant quite explain
I'm so in love with you
you'll never take that away
and if i said a hundred times before
expect a thousand more
you never take that away
well expect me to be
calling you to see
if you're ok when I'm not around
asking if you love me i love the way you make it sound
calling you to see do i try too hard to make you smile
to make a smile
well i will keep calling you to see
if you're sleepin are you dreamin
if you're dreamin are you dreamin of me
i cant believe
you actually
Well that's the gist of it! Anyways..I'm still pretty bored. Parents are out of town, Ryan is coming over at like um 11:00ish fuck that's so far from now. I always hate seems so much longer than it usually is.. I'm going to go watch J-rad and Ben play Skate. Peace

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