Wednesday, December 5, 2007

...I dont even know

I just got home from Kelowna, Family pictures 'n' such. My mom told me I didn't look too well..So I'm definitely sick. I just took my temperature and its 102. So it looks like I have a fever and a cold. Looks like this could go two ways, I can just be sick for a normal amount of time, or I can end up in the hospital. For once I wish I was just sick for a normal amount of time. As much as I like the hospital.. I just don't feel like being sick right now. Looks like I'm seeing alot of soup and hugging toilet bowls in the near future haha. I'm three times as tired as I would be normally and I've lost my appetite. Oh well? maybe I'm too delusional to know whats going on anymore haha I'll write more later.

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