Monday, December 24, 2007

I hate me sometimes.


I'm sitting here listening to my parents and their drunk friends, Its so annoying. I'm bored I cant talk to Ryan and Kaileigh and Stephanie are busy. Speaking of Ryan, He got me Dane Cook Cd's!! I'm SO stoked!! Man I love Ryan. Anyways about my ranting, I hate Canadian Tire..although today was slightly alright.. even though the person I was trying to avoid always ended up RIGHT beside me.. I don't understand how it happens. It always does though. So I'm not happy right now..and I'm not sure why I'm not, I also better not have to sleep in my own bed, I hate it so much down there..well when I'm alone anyways. I love it when I'm in my room with Ryan! That's not saying much though, I love being anywhere with Ryan. I love Ryan more than life itself..seeing as I frigging suck at life so its kinda obvious that I love him more than life. Hm, So I think it would be fun to be a writer! I really do. I look forward to the future, I also look forward to waking up next to Ryan everyday in the future.(Again not to be creepy). So yes I'm here being bored, I think I'm the only one in the house that's bored.. My sisters sleeping, my brothers playing X-Box my other brothers are getting hammer sauced and my parents are drinking. THEN there's me. Sitting here blogging like a flipping idiot. I'm gonna go though, I'll post later.

Merry Christmas

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