Sunday, December 23, 2007

Skylar is a good kid.


So work is hella boring at the moment, I stood at work and did absolutely nothing all day long. Well I phoned Ryan and woke him up...then I phoned Kaileigh and woke her up! I just have bad timing when it comes to that. So I thought I was doing good when I hadn't hit my hand that I cut open..then out of no where a friggen box was beside me and I smoked my hand..and my finger and ripped my cut open again... can we say OUCH. I didn't cry as much today, although it bled a lot more! I also ripped open my other cut in my arm. It's just a bad job I have..I got hit in the face with the swinging door. I almost got a box in the face, I slipped and fell on my ass and it hurt. For once I'm actually very excited to go to work tomorrow! It's weird.. I think because I've developed friendships with various characters.. I'd have to say Aaron, Marlo, Sara, Vanda, Brent and Richard are my favorites to work with.. we're usually the ones to close.. So it's fun...when we all close that is. I'm kinda tired... *yawns* Oh man. I work at 9 tomorrow although I could work at 8 if I wanted to.. haha I personally think it's too early to get up. I finished wrapping Ryans present(s) Um. I STILL don't have the perfect picture but he got a different one until My brother comes down and takes some!! Hm, My finger hurts..I think it'll be fine though!! I super glued it together! Yay me!! I'm's like a liquid band-aid. Oh man I need sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. I wonder if Ryan is working Concession tonight.. Probably seeing as after hes going to get hammer sauced with his buds. I really like that saying Hammer Sauced. I should go. I'll take a nap..on the floor and wait for Ryan! Maybe I'll get super lucky and Coleman will be in his niggers car.. and I'll meet Coleman. I think he's super rad because hes named after a cooler!!? I will write more later.

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