Monday, December 17, 2007

I wanted you to stay here holding me

Okay, I just got all my shit together for work! If I were to put the same effort and enthusiasm into my school work as I do to regular work, Id be grading on time. I officially suck at life. Oh man looks like I'm learning a lot of lessons, I was putting a nickle under a lighter and then it got hot and I accidentally dropped it on my lap! good thing I was wearing shorts! Um yeah so I've decided I'm going to color my hair after Christmas lol only because my older sisters coming down and I don't want her to freak! YES! Looks like I get to kick some bitches ass! It's going to be fun..Ill keep it on the down low obviously.. I don't wanna get involved with the cops again. Maybe I wont fight then actually. I'll be good and I wont fight. I don't want a black eye or fucked up knuckles, I need them for work! I think I need to change my habits. Such as wanting to fight, Stop dressing slightly emo, or maybe I should just go full out. & I need to learn how to be more girly, I think it'd be a good lesson to learn. Fuck I need to change a lot about myself, with out actually changing who I am. That's gonna be hard. Paige just informed me that I shouldn't change, she said that I'm perfectly awesome the way I am. She also said that I should have a spider man kiss with Ryan and then take a picture.. I'm down, 'cept for the whole taking a picture thing.. a little weird for me. Although a picture with Ryan..where we aren't drunk would be pretty stellar! Hm, It's funny when you put the words "Spider" and "man" together as if you were to spell Spiderman, it comes up as a spelling error, and to correct it, the name "Superman" comes up! Oh well I guess.

When you're growing up, your whole life is about the pursuit of fun. Then you grow up and learn to be cautious; you could break a bone or a heart, you look before you leap and sometimes you don't leap at all because theres not always someone there to catch you.
Always life there is no safety net.
So on that sad note I bid you fairwell, and I will write more I mean after work tomorrow!

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