Monday, December 17, 2007

Wake me up before you go go.

YAY! I got shifts! They are as followed!
Tuesday : 12-9

Wednesday : 10-7

Thursday : Off

Friday : 9-6

Saturday : 10-7

Ah! I'm so excited!! They are all 8 hours I've noticed too! I'm in hardware and then a flex cashier! Man oh man am I ever excited!! That means I have to find my jeans n stuff! Whoa whoa whoa I'm so excited for work! I didn't think Id ever say that actually! Although this all minimizes my chances of seeing Ryan before he goes to work, or after he gets off. Which is bunk. Bunk= Gay by the way haha. I donno, I'm just really excited and I thought Id share haha. OH NOES! My brothers moving out *heart breaks* that makes me so sad. My brother is my best friend and now we are gonna go back to rarely talking and never hanging out. *cries* I'm dying inside, I really am. I cant stop him though hes 19 and apparently wants a lot of freedom :(. AND I STILL DON'T GET MY OWN ROOM!. What the fuck is with that!? I think Ill use Ryans sword to decapitate my sister so I can have my own room. Ah man, Now I'm going to post photos of the words I drew in Kanji. They aren't the best but whatever.

That one says Ryan, if you cant already tell by the writing underneath.
& that one says Forever Unique.
I'm still pretty pissed about my brother moving out.. So I'm going to go cry now. Ill write more later.

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