Friday, December 14, 2007

New Blog!?

My other blog is up and going! Yay me! I'm so bored right now, My parents are at a Christmas party and Ryan's working, yeah that sounds fun. So my new blog, its going to have pictures and quotes! It's going to be rad...well for me anyways! I'm sitting here with a chocolate in my mouth, it's tasty! French Mint to be exact..they're rich so you cant eat many. I'm not actually a fan of chocolate. I know Ryan is but I'm not... Ill eat some but then I'm good for like a month haha. I'm still employed at Canadian Tire which is a bonus! I don't have to go find another job! Until they fuck me over again. So I guess that's all the news I have.. Now I feel sick because I ate like 5 pieces of chocolate.. Oh and earlier I had a Reese's candy tree. I need to exercise haha. I'm happy, You're lame. Kbye

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