Friday, December 14, 2007

What should I do?

Daaaammmmnnnn Boooii!

haha, I'm kind of hyper! I don't know why but I am. I'm also very bored, I left Paige a comment on good ole Nexopia!

Brilliant isn't it! haha my Nexopia user name is --Sardonic. and Sardonic is an adjective and it Implies scorn, mockery, or derision that is manifested by either verbal or facial expression. Not that anyone cares haha I just thought Id share my smart streak with everyone haha. Anyways! Since I'm on the topic of Nexopia I'm going to post what my profile looks like, er well the bottom part haha because if you were to go to it wouldn't let you see my profile because I'm a plus member!

Badda bing badda boom! My profile, Yes I was talking to Paige! I know you guys are jealous!

I'm really bored, but that's okay.. I'm slightly having a good time writing in this blog! I don't know why I think I'm going to make a second blog and put pictures in it! The pictures I like or that I've taken! I think they'll be pretty sweet, Of course they will have a description so it will still have writing in it.. It will have a shit load of pics though! I just stared at my dog and he fell asleep.. I have mind powers obviously! Anyways! I'm going to make Hot dogs and Macaroni for dinner! Ill post more later!!

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